The work of the Fundación Amigos del Café is based on six strategic lines, programs and actions are the basis upon which the human development process is undertaken by the institution and is detailed below:

Social integration

Create the necessary conditions for the protection and development of the population in vulnerable condition by promoting the improvement at personal, family and social level, strengthening their capacities, skills and opportunities for people to improve their quality of life, their relationships with themselves and their environment.


Opt for various educational opportunities to reduce inequalities between social groups, close gaps, promote equity, expand their life skills and promote their integration into society


To preserve, promote and facilitate the achievement and maintenance of adequate individual health status, family and community involvement activities through social, educational communication and health education.

Food Security

Promote initiatives that promote food availability, access, consumption and implementation of production systems for families and the community.

Economic Development

Promoting and strengthening corporate competitiveness and the management and provision of necessary funds that allow financial support for entrepreneurship and access to potential markets.

Good Environmental Practice

Promote actions involving changes in the behavior and habits of people to reduce environmental risks, resource conservation and sustainable management activity of personal, family, community and business.