School Bag Project

 Beneficiaries ( Number and brief description : community, children , men, women )

It is estimated that with the completion of this project will be directly benefiting 220 students , 105 girls and 115 boys according to preliminary enrollment for Year 2014 Basic Education Center ” Dionisio de Herrera ” located Village in Azacualpa Mountain, town of Erandique, Department of Lempira .

 Objectives (General and Specific)

General Purpose

Contribute to the proper incorporation of children to the teaching at the Center for Basic Education “Dionisio de Herrera” with the delivery of educational material.

Specific Objectives

  1. Improving access on an equitable and quality basic education services.
  2. Increase the level of education in the geographical area of influence.

Summary Description (Summary of the Methodology )

The project is a response to the need for school supplies for children of the Center for Basic Education “Dionisio de Herrera ” Village Azacualpa Mountain, Erandique , Lempira .

With the completion of this project, direct benefits to the target population with the delivery of a school kit containing basic for teaching materials in 2014 are obtained, it will promote the active participation of children and youth with social vulnerability in various academic activities demanded by the educational system , thus avoiding a delay in them and in the worst dropout. Similarly it will help prevent the destabilization of the family budget of the beneficiary families.

Summary of Project Budget

The project has a total of $ 2,420.00

Project Description

 Local context

Azacualpa Mountain, is a village in the municipality of Erandique in the department of Lempira , according to the National Statistics Census has a population of 330 women , 414 men and 416 minors , Total 1,160 inhabitants , the Human Development Index is 0.528 [1 ] , the education index does not exceed 0.6 , has a school where 8 teachers work , is also the Family Center for the Development of Honduras ( CEFEDH ) where young men and women trained in different trades , is a public school in the hamlet of Jurtao , and PROHECO school in the village of El Guayabo.

Justification (include statement of the problem)

Currently we face the increasing demand for support for school supplies especially in a year of economic hardship due to loss of productivity by the devastating effects of rust and low coffee prices, so the Fundación Amigos del Café has to make the proposed school Bag Project, aimed at supporting with school supplies to families with children in the educational system and present conditions of economic vulnerability.

In this regard it should be noted that the period of admission to the academic year involves an imbalance in the family budget, because it implies allocating resources, which are typically used to meet the most basic needs of every family, for the purchase of school supplies required by local education.

In another sense affects similarly, consider the fact that both the beneficiary families have no access to school vouchers, which could eventually help in the purchase of school supplies. Finally include estimated relevant the fact that a child who has all their school could respond better and appropriate to the diverse demands of the educational system way.

Project Description (Methodology)

School Bag Project aims direct contribution to the proper incorporation of children to the teaching at the Center for Basic Education “Dionisio de Herrera” with the delivery of educational materials to encourage the retention of students in classrooms in levels of pre basic and basic .

The school kits will be an important complement to their education, support to families and the economy, it is important to note that many children do not have sufficient educational materials to assist school and schools do not have enough funds to help these young people.


Description Quantity Unit Cost Total Cost
School Kit includes a backpack, notebooks (5 units ) , Pencils and pens ( 2 of each ), Rule ( 1 unit) , Compass ( 1 unit) , sharpener and rubber, paints colors (a box of 12 paintings ) Notebook to draw ( 1 unit) 220 $ 10.00 $2,200.00
Admin Fee for mobilization and delivery of school kit 1 $ 220.00 $ 220.00
TOTAL $2,420.00

Community Partnerships

Partnerships with Local Organizations: There will be active participation of the Society of Parents and Teachers of basic center.

Monitoring and Evaluation

In this component a diagnosis of the current state of the school where the project will be developed, taking into account the strategic guidelines and components thereof. For evaluation during implementation of the Project, will be considered community involvement, and other educational organizations who have the support of the staff of the Fundación Amigos del Café. This is an important project to achieve the project indicators of provision of infrastructure for the Center Dionisio Herrera complement.