According to UNDP study on education in Latin America, the XXI century is based on sketching knowledge. It is changing the way we view education, factor of unity and integration within society, able to overcome differences and social and economic distinctions, is becoming increasingly a source of these differences and distinctions between societies of global economy that rewards those with more advanced skills and limits the potential of those who lack them.

In Honduras, the social inequities in education and health sectors are significant. The low-income population and predominantly rural area faces the lack of access to secondary and higher education. It is found in higher education, the gap of 22.1 percentage points. However, the extension of coverage may be accomplished through conventional mechanisms and through the use of positive discrimination (scholarships, grants, subsidies and differentiated admissions) to increase access to education for excluded groups.

The Fundación amigos del Café with the conviction that education is the way for people to develop and improve their own lives and knowing the unequal opportunities to access to higher education, presents a program that aims to develop and competitiveness of human capital, through increased access to university education. The initiative is the provision of scholarships to a group of young with low income in order to contribute to the improvement of their communities and achieve more just and equitable societies.

General Purpose

Facilitate and promote the expansion of undergraduate and junior high youth with limited financial resources so that they have tools to help and promote sustainable community and social development based on equal opportunities.

Specific Objectives

1. Contribute to youth education and training through the provision of annual scholarships for university, primary and junior high school.

2. Promote from secondary and higher education the integral development of young people by their socioeconomic status as required.

3. Train young leaders to be key players in the development process of their communities.

Program Locality

The Access to Education Program will be located at:

• Santa Rosa de Copan to access University, eligibility and the race will be according to the availability of supply in the same city.

• Union, Lempira to access to studies in primary and junior high, under the modality of Bilingual   School (Spanish-English)

Length of Program

Grants have a duration set to the selection of university career and junior high duration is 9 years. It is renewed annually, based on the progress of each Scholarship, their tutors academic reports, and budget availability.

Applicant Profile

• Access to Basic Education High School: Youth With basic primary complete, over 12 years, low income and high academic qualifications.

• Access to Higher Education: Youth with not more than 25 years that have high academic qualifications and who meets the requirements of the program and the university.

General Considerations for Application

Youth applicants must meet the following requirements:

1. Be Single (a)

2. low-income socioeconomic profile

3. Their GPA must be over 85 points.

4. Submit personal documentation requested by the sponsor of the scholarship.

5. Attend a previous interview with the coordinator of the scholarship program.

6. Submit the following documentation:

Birth certificates or identity card

Two passport size photographs.

Certification or study with a greater than 85 index points.

Proof of Conduct.

Letter of request to the Board of Fundación Amigos del Café

Write an essay on hand to explain why you want the scholarship and you plan to do after graduation (one page).